OpenText Offers Wider Collaboration Through Exceed onDemand for iPad
A final announcement from OpenText this week. Yesterday we had an extension of media management through a partnership with ConceptShare; today it’s the turn of its mobile offerings, which have been expanded with the release of Exceed onDemand for Apple iPad tablets.

The idea here is to offer business users access to their line-of-business UNIX applications and to offer them through iPad through the Exceed onDeman portfolio.

Exceed onDemand

Just to recap, Exceed on Demand provides a permanent and reliable connection between users and the application infrastructure.

The other thing that OpenText guarantees with Exceed onDemand is that users should have uninterrupted access to their application regardless of location, and that that access is secured according to corporate compliance and corporate policies.

In the event that there is a disruption, Exceed also ensures that there will be recovery systems in place to ensure that business continues as normal.

OpenText Exceed onDemand for iPad

So with OpenText Exceed onDemand for iPad, OpenText is offering the same kind of access to UNIX applications, while at the same time offering the same security and management features of an on-premises enterprise solution.

There are a couple of interesting things around this announcement that we don’t want to make too much out of, but we think are worth noting.

The first is that there is no mention anywhere of any other kind of device than iPad. OpenText, in this respect, notes IDC predictions that tablet shipments into consumer and commercial markets will reach 106.1 million by the end of this year.

Yes, a large percentage of this will be iPads, but there are other possibilities, and, by all accounts, their use is growing too.

iPad, Business Applications

The new iPad solution is built on the Thin X Protocol, ensuring fast access to complex 2D and 3D line of business applications even on connections with high levels of latency such as 3G,4G and LTE cellular networks.

The other thing that we thought was interesting was one of the comments around the launch of the solution from Eugene Cherny, General Manager for Connectivity at OpenText:

…As a new generation of enterprise workers usher into the post-PC world, organizations need to bridge the gap between their critical line-of-business applications and these new devices…Exceed onDemand for iPad allows them to offer a mobile, touch-friendly, collaborative solution to access UNIX applications, without sacrificing security or compliance."

Seems if HP is not getting ready for, or even anticipating a post-PC world, at least OpenText is; and if OpenText with all its muscle is thinking that way, then others are too.

The new Exceed onDemand for iPad solution joins OpenText's portfolio of mobile technologies and solutions including OpenText Everywhere and the OpenText Mobile Wave Platform.

Slowly but surely enterprise data and content is going mobile and OpenText is producing solutions to enable that. Exceed onDemand for iPad is available now on the iTunes Store.