Polycom RealPresence Mobile Video CMS Updated With Real-Time Transcoding for iOS, Android Devices
Polycom has announced updates to its RealPresence video content management system, offering secure access to video content for smartphone and tablet users, as well as real-time transcoding for compatibility across various mobile and Web platforms.

A provider of open-standards based unified communications (UC) systems, Polycom adds video streaming to its array of UC services. RealPresence lets users view live-streaming webcasts and videos, as well as view video recordings on-demand. The new update offers cross-platform communication and viewing, which interfaces with existing Polycom offerings, such as Polycom Recording and Streaming Server (RSS) 4000 and Media Manager.

This combination of PC- and mobile-based offerings lets Android, iOS and desktop users communicate with each other in real-time, as well as view stored content with maximum compatibility across different platforms.

Video Benefits

Polycom highlights the benefits of video communication in collaborative environments. "Research has shown that messages and trainings delivered through video are more likely to be viewed and can have much greater impact than written or verbal communication," says RealPresence Platform and Solutions group vice president A.E. Natarajan. As such, "video collaboration is increasingly becoming a critical part of business culture," he said.

RealPresence offers viewing of both real-time and recorded on-demand videos, which are accessible to users "whether they are at their computers, in a conference room or outside the office on laptops, tablets and smartphones."

Web-Based User Interface, Cross-Platform Support

Natarajan highlights the various real-world uses of Polycom's RealPresence video CMS, including live-streaming lectures at the State University of New York, remote collaboration among medical professionals and training in the manufacturing industries.

Polycom offers a web-based interface for easier cross-platform access, which interfaces with the Polycom RSS 4000 server for content delivery. RealPresence highlights one-click access to live-streaming videos and on-demand video recordings via Web, as well as integration with any existing external media storage infrastructure. RealPresence can combine a hybrid of cloud-based, on-premises or hosted content in delivering videos. Other features include:

  • HTML5 support for secure access through any Web-enabled platform
  • A transcoding engine that prepares content for playback on any Android smartphone and tablet, the iPhone, iPad and other device
  • Digital signage integration, for central control of video content delivery across locations and devices
  • RealPresence Media Utility for IBM Sametime, for publishing recorded sessions
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 integration, which integrates search and multi-language support.

Polycom's RealPresence video content management solution will be available for enterprise release in July. The videoconferencing app is already available for download via Apple's App Store and Google Play Store.