SiteGalore v17 Adds One-Click Mobile Website Publishing
SiteGalore (news, site) has added new features to the latest edition of its publishing suite to take advantage of the surge in mobile browsing and the latest demands of site creators.

Mobile browsing is on an ever-upward curve thanks to devices like the iPhone and millions of more mundane portable gadgets. The major new feature, among many updates, of SiteGalore version 17 is that a desktop-targeted website can be converted into one suitable for mobile devices with just a single-click, with the resulting site viewable on any device.

Additional features include:

  • Design snapshots that show the evolution of a site, and help you go back to a previous version or pick from a range of templates.
  • New templates that update the existing range and add modern touches
  • A revamped editor aids design

Starting from US$ 99, SiteGalore has a range of subscription models to cater for all types of companies site designers.