Skype Coming to Consumer Electronics, App Store Open

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Microsoft's Skype is pretty much everywhere in the computing space, but that's clearly not enough. Expect to see Skype in all kinds of other gadgets and electronic goods with the advent of SkypeKit which also boosts desktop application integration.

'Skype the Refrigerator, He's at the Ice Box'

SkypeKit is a development tool that was originally launched to help put Skype into consumer electronics gear like HDTVs. As other devices become connected and location-aware, it'd be great (or alarming, depending on your point of view) to see Skype appearing in kitchen appliances and so on.

It has been around for a few months now, but with the integration of Skype into Microsoft, it is something that is being pushed up with a new version. SkypeKit for Desktop will help coders bolt Skype into their own Windows, Linux and Mac applications, giving it a more practical edge.

The new version also introduces video APIs, so they won't be limited to voice calls. One obvious application is in games where chess or card players can taunt each other, of course there's also plenty of scope for business apps, also with possible taunting opportunities. There are some case studies listed on the Skype site.

Apps With Everything

Alongside the desktop and gadget integration, back in August Skype also announced its own app store. This has now been updated with improved sorting and grouping of apps for both consumer and businesses.

Learning Opportunities

In the short time since the finalizing of the takeover, there's been plenty of Skype activity and it'll be cool to see the next batch of usage numbers. The only place Skype hasn't been seen was at the launch of Nokia's Windows Mango phones.

Fair enough, that was a Nokia-led event but you would have thought that Microsoft would have had Skype shown off in those lovely new smartphones.


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