Skype for iPad on the Way
A full-featured Skype app is heading to the Apple (news, site) iPad, despite its recent high-ticket purchase by Microsoft.

A Skype for All

With just a few legal aspects to settle, Microsoft all but owns Skype, but is still keeping up its promise of letting the voice and video IP service play on other systems. A leaked video has shown the app running on Apple's iPad, while Sony's upcoming PlayStation Vita has also been seen with a Skype logo attached.

The iPad app naturally makes use of the tablet's screen real estate and the dual cameras (on the iPad 2); the video shows what looks to be a fairly impressive finished product with chat and voice calling also available. With decently sized contact menus and good use of video-in-video, it could outstrip FaceTime as the primary iPad comms app.  


Learning Opportunities

Looking for a Voice?

With plenty of other VoIP apps looking for users, perhaps some players were hoping that Skype would quietly go all-Microsoft, but it looks like the company will be bringing its hundreds of millions of users across all platforms for the foreseeable future.

As for the tablet market, Apple's grip seems unshakable, and with Skype likely to appear across the playing field, there is one less advantage or unique selling point Microsoft has with its upcoming Windows 8 devices. Although we'd guess that the Microsoft app will be the tightest and most advanced of any available.