Try Mulberry for Mobile Apps in Minutes
Coders always want things done quicker and neater. Toura's Mulberry is a project in alpha to help create mobile apps, fast.

Fast App Development

Mulberry is an in-development set of open source tools that can help web developers and coders build native mobile applications. Using the PhoneGap HTML5 app development platform, it can use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to help build content-rich apps that will run across platforms

There isn't a great deal to the site at the moment, but the front page goes a fair way to explaining how everything works, with code snippets, built-in themes and coding customizations. You can sign up for the alpha directly on the page.


Mulberry brings apps and content to mobiles

Taking a Toura

Toura, the company behind Mulberry, already provides multi-platform apps for a range of publishers, so should know what developers are after. It offers to help create a basic app in the time it takes to write and organize your content. It offers components and integration of image galleries, video players, maps, Facebook and Twitter sharing and more.

Mulberry takes care of many of the mobile-specific problems that developers can come across when coding for a moving target. It can handle over-the-air data updates, data persistence, offline mode and the differences found in PhoneGap features across platforms.

With mobile apps ever more important, Mulberry offers a route to getting content out to the masses, when it heads out to beta and beyond. But for now, if you fancy giving it a whirl and helping the developers, sign up.