Ubuntu Coming to Tablets, Smartphones
The company behind the popular Ubuntu Linux, Canonical, will be bringing a dedicated version for the new era of phone and digital devices. Just don't expect it in 2012.

'Can You Root It?'

That's generally the first question asked by techno types when presented with any new mobile gadget, from a phone to a calculator. The next question is, can you install Linux on it? Looking at a future where users want (indeed, expect) a parallel experience between all their information gadgets, Canonical is developing a phone/tablet/whatever-comes-next-specific version of Ubuntu to cater for us.

With smart TVs also likely to feature in our digital future, if not already a part of the furniture, Canonical wants to play in this arena. Quite what all those companies building their closed-wall gardens will think of this development remains to be seen, but despite that immediate obstacle of massive dominance by big media players, Canonical has been meeting behind-the-scenes with potential partners.


The latest Ubuntu desktop, moving to a gadget near you?

Made for Media

While many people have looked at Linux, but never made the leap, Ubuntu already has its own media and app stores for those used to their content in an iTunes style. The latest version is a slick-looking desktop product with a new launcher and dash, and software download center to gain access to the massive range of applications.

And, of course, it's just as happy running all your cloud apps. While Linux never took down Windows as advocates had hoped, it still plays an essential part in many users' systems. As Windows 8 looks to move to other systems, it looks like Ubuntu will be following closely behind.

Canonical's CEO, Mark Shuttleworth, may mention the new plan at the company's Developer Summit going on this week or leave it for another year, but for those into their Linux, there should be a compatible future across whatever device you choose to use.