Webalo releases Mobile Dashboard for Microsoft BI users
As the need for mobile solutions becomes more and more apparent, companies like Webalo Inc. are scrambling to develop and offer the latest and greatest via your cell phone -- and they’re not doing half bad. Webalo Mobile Dashboard allows users of the Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) platform to access reports from any mobile device, making it the first time ever that content from SQL Server, PerformancePoint, SharePoint and Excel can easily transform into cohesive mobile displays without tedious custom programming.Just think: the arrangement of mobile applications going from taking entire weeks, or even months, to less than a day. It’s magical. “Our goal is to make it possible for any mobile professional to have access to exactly the information they need on any kind of device,” said Peter Price, president and CEO of Webalo, Inc. Webalo Mobile Dashboard for Microsoft BI works on the following: * RIM operating system 4.0 or above * Windows Mobile 2003 (PPC Edition) * Windows Mobile 5 (both PPC and Smartphone Editions) * Windows Mobile 6 (all versions) * Java-enabled MIDP 2.0 smartphones Given that the 2007 market for Business Intelligence was just over US$ 5.1 billion, and that Webalo Mobile Dashboard is the only solution to offer multiple kinds of Business Intelligence on any mobile device -- the size of the possible business opportunity is almost unfathomable. Needless to say, the mobile trend among professionals is booming, as they can now solve problems, answer questions, monitor operations, close sales and make informed decisions anywhere, any time, from the comfort of their own back pockets. What’s more, there's Skyfire and Sitecore evidence suggesting that the on-the-go craze will continue to roll right on over and become something not just huge, but necessary. With the expansion of organizations' productivity and activity thanks to the on-demand availability of data at their fingertips, businesses are slowly eliminating the need for heavy or inconvenient laptop and desktop hardware altogether. We’re not sure what that means exactly for the future of those devices. Nevertheless, the mobile world is quickly shaping up to be something too hot and beneficial to miss.