Microsoft will unveil (and likely make available) the consumer preview version of Windows 8 at an event being held at Mobile World Congress, presumably to signify the move from desktop to mobile.

A Date for Your Diary

Whatever your feelings about the need for a Windows 8, Microsoft needs to get out there, and fast, so it can enter the fray in the tablet marketplace and boost its mobile offerings. Today, the company announced that all will be unveiled in Barcelona on February 29.

With the Windows 8 blog doing a good job of highlighting the improvements in the OS, and lots of examples of Metro in action, Windows 8 won't come as much a surprise, but having a proper app store/market place and other features will make it a brave new world for generations of Windows users.

But is It Enough?

Will it be enough to make Microsoft relevant again in the mobile space? Will all those tablets and Ultrabooks fly off the shelves when it launches, later in the year? Those are questions that remain to be answered, but with a public beta, Microsoft will generate masses of awareness for its new OS and while most may be happy with Windows 7 (or even XP), the urge to upgrade will be strong for many.