Microsoft (news, site) has made gaining access to your Windows Live information easier across all smartphones and mobiles in a developer-friendly move.

Going Live, Mobile

Windows Live started out as a focal point for Microsoft Web services, as we move into the mobile age, users will want their information. Microsoft has made some steps to help developers make their apps 'Live-friendly," allowing users to log in and gain access to their data.

Regardless of the phone or OS, developers can now go through a few steps to give users access to their online photos, SkyDrive files, Messenger profiles and Hotmail messages. They are part of the Messenger Connect platform and can be applied to both mobile apps and websites.

A demo of Live on a mobile

A demo of Live on a mobile

Developing Across the Board

The Microsoft Developer blog has a code example and a guide through the authorization process, which is quick and hassle-free. There's the promise of more code examples to come and, with this knowledge, coders can integrate Windows Live features and content into their apps.

Check the comments for some interesting points on token access expiry that may be an issue in some applications. As stated, this works on iOS devices and Android, so it will help see Microsoft-hosted data on other devices.