AJAX for Joomla
Want to add some AJAXy goodness to your Joomla site? Don't want to have to learn to program AJAX?. Open4G may have a solution for you.Open4G has released their AJAX toolkit for Mambo and Joomla. The toolkit will allow you to speed-up site content loading and core search and integrate instant search into category content filters. $29 buys you a feature list that includes: * Display mainbody content SlideUp/SlideDown or FadeOut/FadeIn effect * Unobtrusive JavaScript * Apply Hijax - Progressive Enhancement with Ajax Approach * Integrate Ajax technology on any Joomla Template * Integrate Ajax in Joomla Core Search * Integrate Instant Search in Content Filters * Allow select a custom Ajax load indicator * Allow setup a custom Ajax loading message * Automaticlly change page title on ajax load * Allow include "rel=nofollow" on all external links into site * Allow include "target=_blank" on all external links into site * Allow disable whole integration with a Single Click * Supports 3PD and Core Components * Supports 3rd Template Custom Menus If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, head over to their website for more information and some nifty demos.