Chad Auld Takes Reigns of Mambo Web CMS

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Since the breakup of Mambo into separate Joomla and Mambo projects on August 17, 2005, the Mambo project has been in a bit of disarray.The Mambo Foundation hopes to tighten things up by going from ruled-by-committee model to making Chad Auld the leader of the project.Mambo's core development team had to be entirely rebuilt since the big "split" -- and when we say "split", we mean split as in "the party is over, everyone's leaving", not in the 50-50 sense.A little recent history for those of you who didn't follow the situation closely:Mambo was anOpen Source CMS project sponsored by Melbourne, Australia based for-profit company Miro International that was going from strength to strength in 2002-2005 winning many CMS industry awards.Its lead development team began to have disagreements with Miro and its head, Peter Lamont, a former advertising executive.These disagreements festered until August when the the entire core development team left to form Joomla! CMS under the Open Source Matters umbrella group.A large part of Mambo's community left with them. Since then, Joomla! has continued Mambo's winning way's including taking Pakt Publishing's Best Open Source CMS award back in November.The Joomla! 1.0 release forked directly off of the Mambo 4.5.2 branch, but future versions of modules, code, etc. already aren't being supported across both platforms.Because of this drastic departure, Miro had to reform the Mambo CMS community from scratch. Chad Auld was one of the "new Mambo" members Miro brought in to replace the core development team after the split.He's been heading the core development team over the past year and is currently employed by a large US firm where he runs a Mambo-based intranet for the 600-seat call center and is currently working on building an operational data store complete with a Business Intelligence reporting system.In the press release, Chad stated his enthusiasm for the project, "Mambo for me is more than a hobby and less than a job.I wish I had even more time for the project. It brings me great pleasure to work with such talented people from all over the world.These people work together closely, sharing their experiences and talents to help make Mambo the best CMS on the planet."As a side note, Miro International has since been rebranded Rice Studios under which it still sells the original for-profit version of Mambo under the Jango moniker. We here at CMSWire wish both platforms luck and congratulate them on all of their hard work and success.