The enterprise-targeting open source solutions purveyors at Covalent Technologies just announced they'll be offering Add-On Tech Support for 12 more open Apache-based products on a per-incident basis.This technology adds to Covalent's existing support offerings, which cover the following: * Apache Axis Web Services Framework * Apache Geronimo Application Server * Apache HTTP Web Server * Apache Tomcat Application Server * Apache Roller Blog Server. (Covalent is big on Apache.) In recent news they brought together a number of industry-savvy experts and developed solutions that would better assist them in their mission to hold the hands of Apache users everywhere and in any endeavor. The following Apache Software Foundation technologies will be now be supported on a per-incident basis: * Apache ActiveMQ, a powerful open source Message Bus * Apache Flood, an HTTP load tester driven by profiles * Apache Jakarta Commons Logging * Apache James (that's their enterprise mail server) * Apache JMeter * Apache Log4j, a helpful framework for logging apps and debugging messages * Apache Lucene - a text search engine library * Apache Struts, which helps build Java-based Web apps * Apache Xerces, which provides XML parsers CEO Mark Brewer of Covalent notes that because of the company's laser focus on Apache, "customers have come to us looking for support on a number of additional open source technologies. We're pleased to fulfill this requirement by offering per-incident add-on support plans for additional Apache technologies as well as other open source projects." Covalent was founded in 1998 and is based out of Walnut Creek, CA. They serve such labels as SBC, Pfizer, J&J, British Telecom and NASA. Covalent is also among the distinguished supporters of the Apache Software Foundation, the dominant community for usable open source and the OS community in general. Good to know that if you have any Apache trouble at all -- really, any one you can think of -- you need only remember one phone number. (Or you can just visit their website.)