It's not every day here at CMSWire that we can wholeheartedly recommend torrenting a video. However, the times, they are a changin'.These videos aren't the typical kind that one finds on the torrent sites. Zudeo, which is building off of the popular Azureus torrent client platform, is offering up a medium for content producers to publish their content at a reduced cost. Zudeo can do this because it allows the bandwidth cost to be spread amongst the downloaders -- who effectively become seeders. More on torrenting from Wikipedia. Until now, most of the content has been made up of high definition videos and trailers. The Drupal kids -- enterprising open source aficionados that they are -- have published a few of their HOWTO videos on Zudeo. This result is a rapid spreading the word on the latest Drupal 5 platform. Because some of these videos are almost two hours long, it would have been cost prohibitive to host these videos on their own servers. But, since the downloaders are sharing the cost of distribution, the system works and the new is spreading. Bravo, Drupal. And Drupal fans, download and install Zudeo/Azureus and start learning. Following are a list of recent Drupal video content: Drupal+Dojo+CVS+Lesson Drupal+Dojo+Module+Jam+(Views,+Panels,+CCK)+-+Lesson+#4 drupal_dojo_lesson_3 Drupal+Dojo+Lesson+6:+Theming