Joomla Open Source CMS
Joomla's been all the rage lately. On Tuesday of this week it garnered the very first Best Open Source CMS award from Packt Publishing. Today a new Joomla Themes site was launched. Now everyone can have pretty pages as they celebrate their success.The new site let's visitors download free Joomla templates plus get the latest themes news from the community. They also plan to publish a number of web design articles, covering design topics specifically for the Joomla Web CMS. We personally found the site a bit wet behind the ears still -- for example there are more links to commercial themes than there are free themes and the open publishing policy for news leads to quite a few advertisement posts. Nevertheless, we like the idea. Its certainly good to expand this community and over time the database of community supported themes is sure to grow. Check out, and if you're a builder, help turn this site into the community resource it deserves to be.