announces the release of a cooperatively developed, open source Web CMS that offers a suite of services in a modular design. The Liberty Web CMS is built upon the PHP open source Bitweaver application framework.According to, the framework's power and simplicity lie in it's core concept known as a "package". A package is simply a directory of all files related to one feature. Key to the design is that packages may be removed or added arbitrarily and without negative effects. This high degree of flexibility is considered "large grained modularity" and gives developers freedom to interleave open-source and proprietary code seamlessly. The Liberty CMS employs an object oriented approach to both software design and data. This allows blogs, articles, wiki pages, and more to all store their data in one common location. This enables super fast searching, as well as simplified data storage and retrieval and text processing via a common base library. Additionally, a format plug-in mechanism permits the textual content to be of varying syntax types (e.g., HTML, TikiWiki, BBCode, etc.). Yet another Web CMS? Yep, we at CMSWire say the same thing every time a new product pops up. So why is Liberty/Bitweaver worth looking at? According to Christian Fowler, one of the project founders, the Bitweaver framework puts the developers in control, while provide an important and powerful set of services. With other products the services you acquire have a greater trade-off with design flexibility. Project Website: