Obinary updates free Java-based Enterprise-Content Management System (CMS) to include highperformance caching and server-side image resizing templates. Basel, 13 January 2004 Two months and 10’000 downloads after the first public release of Magnolia, Obinary is proud to announce the immediate availability of Magnolia 1.1, the free Java-based Enterprise-Content Management System (CMS). Main new features are high-performance caching and new example templates including server side image resizing. Magnolia installers and updaters for all major operating systems are available for download at Obinary has released Magnolia 1.1, the free Java-based Enterprise-Content Management System. Magnolia 1.1 includes an improved caching mechanism that works seamlessly and automatically to deliver the best possible performance for dynamically created web pages, while maintaining full authentication mechanisms. This makes serving even large and complex web and intranet content extremely fast. New sample templates demonstrate the use of server side image resizing. This allows storing images independently of their display dimensions. The same source image can thus be displayed in several sizes, for example to have thumbnails and “show detail” functionality. Numerous small interface improvements and a streamlined and renamed core API further enhance the ease-of-use of Magnolia. All documentation has been updated to reflect the new API. Further release details can be found in the release notes, available with the download or at Magnolia installers and updaters are available for all major operating systems at Magnolia is the first J2EE-deployable and Java-based CMS built from the ground up to support the upcoming standard of Java Content Repositories (JCR). The combination of features delivered by Magnolia – free of cost, short implementation time, easy to learn and use, and future compatibility -- result in optimal total cost of ownership (TCO) for enterprises of any size. Magnolia can be installed within 10 minutes on all common operating-systems (JDK 1.4.1 required) and is available free of charge at For more information regarding obinary ag please visit ### Contact: obinary ag Boris Kraft +41 (0)61 228 9000 About obinary ag: obinary is the developer of the "obinary compass", the premier enterprise-solution for process-oriented knowledge-management; and Magnolia, the first Content Management System (CMS), which is built from ground up for the upcoming standard of Java content repositories (JCR). Obinary develops software and consults enterprises of any size since 1993.