Ok, its not quite out the door, but we're close. Release candidate number four (RC4) of Magnolia CMS Suite v2.1 has been announced by the Basel, Switzerland-based Magnolia Organization. This update contains a number of new features including: native search, XML-based import/export, new cross-browser rich-text editor choices, and drop-in single container deployment.Magnolia's doing fairly well with over ninety-thousand downloads claimed to date. For those new to the product, Magnolia is an open source web content management system (CMS) built on the Java content repository (JSR-170) standard. According to the foundation, Magnolia 2.1 has been in development for more than 7 months now, and thanks to its growing international community now comes localized in 15 major languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Most notable new features: * full I18N support - delivered with 15 major languages * native search * import/export of XML based data * supports multiple JSR-170 compliant repository implementations, including the Open Source implementation "Jackrabbit" and "Magnolia Power Pack", the high-end commercial repository implementation available from the Magnolia Organization. * improved performance, changed data structure to reduce number of nodes by 70% * bootstrap mechanism allows repository independent product delivery * simple war-file drop in deployment on any J2EE container * run as many Magnolia sites as you like within a single J2EE container for cost-effective hosting * choice of two leading cross-browser rich-text editors - Kupu and fckEdit * improved module interface Additionally, the Magnolia API has been updated to correspond to the latest available JSR-170 API, countless bugs have been fixed and performance has been improved significantly. Magnolia sports an active international developer community lead by Obinary, Switzerland, and is used throughout the world by corporations of varying size. Magnolia 2.1 is available immediately and free-of-charge at http://www.magnolia.info.