Mambo Award
Hot on the heels of winning industry recognition as the LinuxWorld Best Open Source Solution and Best of Show, Mambo has won yet another award, this time from leading Linux publication, Linux Format. The award, in the most prestigious category of "Best Free Software Project of the Year" was announced this week.Nick Veitch, Editor of Linux Format said the award has been given "to the free software project that more than any other deserves to be held as a shining example of why Open Source is great software." Mambo is an open source (GNU GPL) Web Content Management System (CMS)aimed at meeting the needs of corporate websites or sites for small to medium businesses. Its basic environment requirements are Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL (LAMP), though other platforms, web servers, and databases have been tested and are, um, "supported" shall we say. From the Mambo site, here is the high-level architecture:
Mambo Architecture
Mambo version 4.5.2 includes the following features:
  • Source code is completely free.
  • A large and healthy user and developer community.
  • Provides a basic level of content approval for registered users.
  • Online help.
  • Page caching mechanism to improve performance on busy sites.
  • Trash manager
  • Advertising management (banners, etc).
  • Media (images, documents) upload and management.
  • Content display scheduling.
  • Content syndication (RSS).
  • Search engine friendly (SEF) URL's.
  • Internationalization (interface translation).
  • Content macro language (aka mambots).
  • Advanced and separate system administration system.
  • Advanced package/addon/template deployment system.
  • Simple but powerful template system (written mostly in HTML, no complex templating syntax to learn, just a couple of PHP functions to include).
  • Hierarchical user access groups.
  • Basic visitor statistics.
  • Multiple WYSIWYG content editor support.
  • Simple polls.
  • Content voting/rating system.null
The product itself and free add-on modules are available for download from the Mambo community development website.