One of the new micro publishing platforms that's garnered a bit of attention recently is the open-source Mephisto project. Mephisto is built on Ruby on Rails, the hot new web application programming language used by a lot of the Web 2.0 kids. Its feature list is growing quickly and its been billed as one of the most intuitive blogging platforms in the space.What makes Mephisto more interesting than say WordPress or Movable Type? For one, the language its written in is Ruby (not in PHP and Perl respectively) and because it is very new, a large portion of the trunk of the application code is still being actively developed. Consequently, cutting-edge features and functionality is being integrated into the base of the product. Additionally, new modules for Mephisto and support for 3rd party add-ons are coming out at a dizzying pace. The Mephisto Wiki has a few good guides for migrating your Typo and WordPress blogs to Mephisto as well as a great deal of help getting 3rd party services like Mint and FeedBurner running. Additional materials of interest include a Quick Start Guide and a list of websites running Mephisto. The product certainly isn't for everyone. It is early on in its development and there are still some bugs and interface tweaks being worked out. Additionally, its based on Ruby, so unless you have at least a working familiarity with this language, you may want to take a pass for now. However, if you want to set your blog apart, are an early adopter type, or are just plain looking for a change, Mephisto offers a refreshingly active community and a very reasonable starting point as a publishing tool. For the curious, there is a sample blog you can log into here (U: admin P: test). Mephisto Screenshot
Latest releases and current Mephisto news are available from the Mephisto Blog.