Metadot, the developer of one of a popular open source (free) portal server, announces the availability of the Metadot Portal Server Business Edition. The Business Edition provides annual installation, support, maintenance and optionally hosting services for Medadot customers.Metadot combines 20 business-specific functionalities including allowing users to manage files, calendars, to-do lists, online forums, documents, online discussions, database queries, customer surveys and newsletter mailing lists from a browser-based interface. The Metadot Business Edition also includes login support, where Metadot engineers can access and repair a customer’s system remotely. "Our goal is to provide individuals with an uncomplicated way to implement, manage and maintain their Web sites, particularly small businesses, educational institutions, project teams and/or individual departments inside a corporation," said Daniel Guermeur, president and CEO of Metadot. Annual subscription fees for the Metadot Business Edition start at USD 2,000. The subscription includes the Metadot Portal Server, installation support, software updates, professional customer support, access to Metadot’s online training center and optional managed hosting. The Metadot Portal Server runs on Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl. It may also be run in commercial environments such as Solaris, Microsoft Windows, Oracle and others.