Everybody's gone widget and app-wild, but few are helping rein in the beast. With good eyes for a new niche, MindTouch has today released Deki Wiki "Hayes," a free open source (licensed under GPL v2) and wiki-centric platform that pinches together all the APIs running awry.Two unification options give Deki Wiki unique flexibility. Programmers can federate data or apps from multiple data stores and programming languages through Deki Wiki's Mono-based (and thus agnostic) extension model. They can also use a bi-directional API that simply joins and embeds third party devices within the wiki itself. Content from databases like SQL can also be exposed to outside services, then integrated back into the wiki in new formats. Great way to bring digital era collaboration models to the enterprise, using the good stuff that's already out there. (Here's a big hurrah! to the end of the ball and chain do-all platform.) Co-founder Aaron Fulkerson points out the solution's ease-of-use by adding that "non-techie users [have] the ability to create composite applications and data mashups, making this an excellent vehicle for social media creation and aggregation." Among other bells and whistles, Deki Wiki includes: * WYSIWYG editing * Multi-tiered permissions * Image galleries * File versioning and indexing * A comprehensive API for integration with other apps on XML, PHP or JSON And here's something really handy. Deki Wiki utilizes a service-oriented extension model, so extensions can be invoked to populate results in a table or put them in visual (graph) form. Extensions can be hosted anywhere and presented in alternative formats, so content can be converted into other images, too. To streamline your life, Deki Weki already ships with a number of extension purveyors, including Windows Live services, maps, Widgetbox widgets and others. Deki Wiki "Hayes" is also rich with support for multiple authentication services, tagging and tag categories, media gallery, rich media support and customization capabilities (including full skinning). Hit the MindTouch website for more Deki Wiki "Hayes" fun, or check out the Mindtouch developer community at Open Garden Experience with Deki Wiki or other wiki worries? Do tell.