Plone expert Cameron Cooper's new book is out. 'Building Websites with Plone' explains how Plone works, shows how to use its many out-of-the-box features, and explains how this highly flexible system can be extended and customized. Built on the popular Zope application server, Plone is regarded as one of the best and most powerful open source content management systems. "I wanted to write something that was not just a resource book or a manual" says Cameron, "but that would really teach people how to work--and think--in Plone. A big part of that was writing to solve problems before people asked them, and I had a pretty good idea about what people ask after helping out on the mailing lists for years."Building Websites with Plone covers a lot of ground not previously documented in other books available on the subject, for example:
  • SQL integration
  • CustomizationPolicies and SetupWidgets
  • content i18n, PloneLanguageTool
  • using existing tools
  • modifying existing Zope objects to be Plone content
  • XML-RPC, REST, SOAP interaction
  • RSS syndication
For users new to Plone, this book provides a structured pathway through set up and initial customization. Experienced Plone developers will learn how to leverage the full capability of this powerful application.