Mambo Foundation
When you've got highly consumer-tailored software disseminated all over the world, it's tough to keep different versions in line with the most up-to-date and bug-free iteration. But Mambo's trying. Hard. Their recent release of Persian Mambo v4.6.1 rids Persian-speaking users of a slew of minor issues that prevented Mambo from fully realizing its market potential on the Iranian frontier.Following the wise philosophy of strengthening the foundation before building atop, Persian Mambo 4.6.1 solves a good number of recurring problems with the previous software, including the following: * Login and comment bugs * Archive issues. Dates were also converted to Solar calendar * The default Prefix issue * Search, Category and Contact component bugs * Problems with the Rotate Function v4.6.1 also brings a few new features, among them being changes in both the backend and frontend templates, solar calendar additions, and the use of MOStlyCE_2.0 Editor as a default. This default will also appear stock in the English 4.6.1 release. If a touch cryptic, we do find the Persian news release rather pretty. Learn more about Persian Mambo v4.6.1 (in Farsi).