Exciting news for all of the WordPressers out there, version 2.1 hit the streets recently and so far, the crowds seem generally pleased. Version 2.1 is a significant upgrade from current stable 2.07. Teaming well, the WordPress community have added a slew of new features bound to improve your blogging experience, and AJAX has been a popular theme. Who knew!Some of the new features include: * Draft Autosave with AJAX -- meaning no page reload. Looks like they took a page from GMail's playbook on this one. One less thing to worry about when writing incredibly long blog entries. * Image Uploader Improvements -- A totally redone component of 2.0 that brings back some of the functionality that a lot of former WordPress 1.5 FileManagerplugin users miss, without all of the security issues. * Improved Rich Text Editor -- A tabbed toggle between code and visual views highlights mostly minor changes in the post editing window. * Search Engine Blockers -- For people who like to keep their Blogs private or only share with intended people, WordPress 2.1 allows you to block the search engines and directories from seeing your site. * Built in WordPress to WordPress Import -- What used to take a plugin is now built directly into the system. A big help when changing providers or upgrading your server. Its not all good news -- especially for people falling behind the curve on upgrading your databases. WordPress 2.1 now only supports MySQL 4.0 and above. Additionally, some SQL calls have been changed that affect a large amount of plugins. As a wise CMSWire reader, you know that, as with any upgrade, you need to make sure all of your plugins are compatible with the changes in the code. Incompatibilities notwithstanding, if you've been itching to add some new features to your WordPress experience, get on over to the download site and take it for a spin.