Many of us may grumble from time to time about our jobs and may even boast about how we deserve to be paid so much more than we are. But when was the last time we really investigated how much we, the designer, developer or information architect are worth? It could have been last year when the Information Architecture Institute released the results of its 2007 salary survey. Last year, the results highlighted gender discrepancies, indicating that in the top salary categories, men outnumber women 2:1 and that advanced education makes men more profitable in information architecture-related careers. Each year, the IAI produces a salary survey, which strives to capture information on compensation, daily work habits and demographics. The 2008 IAI survey is now open for respondents. By the end of the year, the IAI will provide summary data and a downloadable Excel file of the full results. This year's survey includes an additional question for consultant rates as well as an expansion of questions on benefits and work premises. Though a concise list of questions, it's strategic in nature to garner a most accurate snapshot about the salaries and benefits of IA practitioners. A lot can happen in a year; maybe you were promoted, completed an advanced degree or changed jobs. Let the IAI know about it and take the survey today!