Open Text ECM
Open Text and Sun Microsystems join forces to deliver a powerful e-mail management offering. The solution targets the big boys -- having been designed to serve global organizations facing problems with monitoring and archiving volumes of correspondence -- and is of course fueled by the on-going race to meet regulatory compliance demands.Once just a lazy way to keep up with your Japanese penpal, e-mail is now integral to business as usual -- both within the office and without. But e-mail's zippiness and ease of use -- which contributed to its conquest as communication medium of choice -- also presents enterprises with serious risks because of its naturally informal nature. Add to that the overwhelming e-mail traffic and the limited ability of computing infrastructure to manage and archive it well, and what you have is a records management problem of epic proportions. Per compliance requirements by regulatory agencies and e-Discovery rules, all electronic documentation moving through a corporate network must be retained and appropriately classified. “Open Text is committed to delivering solutions to market that satisfy the compliance needs of our customers. Together with Sun, we were able to increase the scalability of our email solution to meet current and future email management needs of the largest organizations in the world," says Kirk Roberts, Open Text EVP of Products, Solutions and Marketing. The combined experience of longtime enterprise solution purveyors Open Text, a name known for its enterprise content management (ECM) software, and Sun Microsystems, who recently dipped its pen into Open AJAX, serves as fertile ground for addressing compliance, classification and retention matters from the ground up. The system includes Livelink ECM - Email Monitoring for Microsoft Exchange or Livelink ECM - Email Monitoring for Lotus Notes; Sun Fire x64 and UltraSPARC-based servers with the Solaris Operating System (OS). In testing at the Sun labs, the system demonstrated the ability to index, monitor and archive about seven million e-mails a day and over two billion e-mails a year. Sound like enough horsepower to keep the show going? Well, don't get too excited. Once upon a time, heavy e-mailers thought GMail was bottomless. Out of the labs and into the data jungle, the ensemble was recently run through the course by a major European bank. They, like many others, suffered from an enterprise-wide e-mail problem. When the results came in, they reflected 5,610,534 emails indexed and archived in 24 hours. Not a bad showing. While this Open Text e-mail management offering represents serious effort toward solving knotty compliance issues, we only hope it proves flexible enough over the next few years to scale with companies. While its capacity may look exaggerated now, we've learned that in tech, today's innovations are tomorrow's tight trousers. And the needs of people unfailingly increase as technology improves.