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Before giving up on all alternative search engines, realize that Hakia is offering a new approach on how it delivers results. This approach is focused on delivering not only relevant search results, but delivering "credible search results" as well. It just might be worth checking out.Google, as we all know by now, is the king of search. Companies like Cuil, Yahoo and Microsoft are hopefully getting the idea. See, the key to competing with Google in the search arena is not to offer better search results, but, instead, offer a new approach and/or unique method of finding those results.

Doing Search Differently

Driven to find a new way to approach search, Haikia decided that it is quality, not quantity, that should be important in a search scenario. The search provider decided to designate a portion of their site to credible search results.
hakia credibility search engine

A simple search query on Hakia

These search results are far different from your typical Google Search results as they eliminate the millions of results that could be considered worthless to most users -- realistically, how many results are needed for a typical search? After all, most users are likely to click a link on the first page of a search result if they have found what they are looking for. This credibility thing might have a chance.

It's Not Personal, It's Just Credibility

Hakia determines sites that are "credible" by asking librarians and professionals for their input. Hakia has said that they have introduced a "transparent definition" for qualifying credible Web sites, but it isn't exactly made apparent as to what that definition is. There are some set guidelines for determining credibility: * Peer Review: The publisher of a site must have strict editorial guidelines. * No Commercial Bias: The publisher of the site shall have no commercial intent on bias. * Currency: The content on the site should be current with functional links. * Source Authenticity: The publisher should preferably be the owner/producer of the content. It is far from perfect, and there is always going to be human error involved, but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they will be looking out for quality results. It could certainly be valuable in an academic and corporate environment, but, then again, isn't that why Wikipedia exists? Regardless, after these "credible" sites are queried, the QDEX system, which Hakia has developed, will process those results. This system attempts to anticipate meaningful questions with semantic analysis that can bring the user better results.
hakia search querry CMSWire credible search

Darn, CMSWire isn't a credible source for health, environmental and medical info.

Currently, Hakia's "credible" search is only available in the coverage of health, medical and environmental topics. Surely the coverage will expand with time. The only way to determine if Hakia semantic search is the right search engine for you is to try it out. However, don't expect the millions of Google Search users to flock over to Hakia (or any other search engine) any time soon.