Social, mobile and cloud technology are each having an enormousimpact on enterprise computing. But the technologies aren’t just havingbig effect independently: they are converging and providing organizations newopportunities to deliver information and services. With the many benefitsalso come challenges.

A recent study by the AberdeenGroup explores why “SoMoClo”has made it more important fororganizations to take a user focused end-to-endapproach toapplications and services that use these technologies.

Moving Beyond Flashy Demos

The Aberdeen Group has released its research detailing how the adoption of social, mobile and cloud technologies are making it more challenging for organizations to monitor and manage services.

Creating applications that leverage the technologies isn’t just an exercise in designing the shiniest, wow-inducing interface. Organizations must pay equal attention to the application’s integration middleware and back-end approach to ensure they are delivering the best user experience.

Organizations can begin to improve the user experiences they offer by closely monitoring how their users interact with applications and services. Many organizations have improved their monitoring of social applications, which are often web-based, but far fewer are tracking the performance of their cloud and mobile applications because many are hosted externally on the public cloud or on carrier networks.

Learning Opportunities

Aberdeen found that best-in-class organizations were 17 percent more likely than the industry average and 31 percent more than laggards to leverage tools to capture end user performance data. 

In addition to monitoring, the study also showed that it is important for organizations to have a deep understanding of the back-end data required to support an application. If an application looks attractive, but loads slowly for mobile users or when deployed to the cloud, adoption will be poor. The same will be true if the application doesn’t provide the right or an inadequate amount of data to support the business process.

More business functions will include a mobile, social or cloud function as the technologies continue to spread over the enterprise. Even if a company has gaps in its strategy for social, mobile and cloud-based application, the most important thing is for organizations to continue to evolve their tools and processes. Ultimately the most important thing for organizations to remember is that the user should be the center of focus for any application.

All About Experience

There are no signs that the expansion of social, mobile and cloud technology are slowing; organizations will have to learn to leverage these tools in an optimal way. Technology may be changing, but the importance of satisfying users is not. No matter what underlying tool is used to deliver a service or how sophisticated the technology implementation, if it does a poor job at serving the needs of the users it was designed for, it is a failure.