On the heels of its announcement of the Creative Cloud last month, Adobe has made its Touch Apps available in the Android Marketplace for tablets running Android 3.1 or later.

Touch the Creative Cloud

For just US$ 9.99 each, the Adobe Touch Apps are a family of six intuitive touch screen applications, designed to let tablet users create, draw and edit by touch of a finger or stylus. The apps touch on (pun intended) many different areas of the creative process. There’s Adobe Photoshop Touch for image editing, Adobe Collage for moodboards, Adobe Debut for presenting and reviewing creative work, Adobe Ideas for sketching, Adobe Kuler for exploring color themes and Adobe Proto for website and mobile app prototyping.

With their release, Adobe hopes the Touch Apps will help build a bridge between its popular desktop Adobe Creative Suite and its new Creative Cloud. For many creatives, while mobile devices and tablets have provided them some flexibility when it came to uploading and editing photos, the bulk of their creative work was still confined to the desktop. Adobe hopes that Touch Apps will not only reinspire how creatives work, but that it will help revive their image. After all, the whole Flash for mobile thing didn’t exactly work out.

Create Between Platforms

By integrating with the Adobe Creative Cloud (which will be available for subscription in 2012), the Touch Apps become a part of the creative process, rather than a mobile substitution. Creatives will now have the freedom to move between apps and Creative Suite software, and to view, gain access to, share and present their creative work from anywhere.

Tablet devices, such as the iPad (look for an announcement from Adobe in early 2012 about Touch App availability for the iPad), were meant to fill that void between desktop and smartphone. While it was never designed to be a mini-laptop, its efficient and convenient platform was meant to simplify tasks. For the creative-on-the-go, the Adobe Touch Apps allow them to keep their tools in one place while they move between platforms.