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Can game-like techniques improve business problems like software adoption or sales productivity? Bunchball thinks so. The gamification solutions provider has announced two new product lines to motivate employees and customers.

Sparks Suite of Apps

Sparks are plug-and-play apps that use Bunchball’s game-based approach to address behavioral issues, such as software adoption, site engagement and sales productivity. Included are pre-built presentation pages, an administration console and pre-built point structures.

Rajat Paharia, Bunchball founder and Chief Performance Officer, said in a statement that Sparks provides solutions based on the company’s years of experience and proven ROI across industries. The Sparks line of apps, he said, takes “everything we’ve learned about gamification” and packages it into “effective, turnkey applications.”

Gamification techniques include awarding points for specific behaviors, the ability to earn status and track progress and the awarding of rewards, together with analytics to track what works.

The Sparks suite of apps includes:

  • Spark Engagement: Motivates site visitors to use, create and share content
  • Loyalty app: Promotes an online loyalty program
  • Partner: Provides rewards to channel partners for learning about products and selling them

In addition to those mentioned above, the Commerce app promotes buying and social sharing, Community motivates discussion and knowledge sharing, and Sales offers incentives for reaching goals and for CRM adoption. There are also apps for motivating a team to provide the best customer service and for learning about products and adopting apps, among others.

Fuse Your Games to Business Apps

The other product line, called Fuse, allows the company’s customers to connect gamification programs to over 80 leading enterprise apps, such as SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, SharePoint, SugarCRM, Taleo, Box and NetSuite. Fuse requires no coding, offers a large catalog of connectors, can be implemented through pre-built use case scenarios or can be customized. It also captures employee activity data in real time.

These two new product lines join the company’s Nitro platform, which it describes as “the world’s most advanced gamification engine.” The company said that over 125 million users have engaged in over 15 billion actions on Nitro.

The company points to significant increases among its customers because of its gamification products, including dramatic increases in page views per visit, number of unique visitors, registrations, time-on-site and repeat visits.

Located in Redwood City, California, Bunchball offers cloud-based solutions that are designed to engage and motivate employees and customers, through the development of what it describes as the Engaged Enterprise. Customers include Adobe, HP, Cisco, Warner Bros., Comcast, VMware and others.