Deb Lavoy started 2013 off asking the hard questions (as she's prone to do) and has continued to do so throughout the year. Deb challenges us all to aspire to build something bigger -- to build a better narrative, to build a better business, to build a better world. 

Who are you -- in a 140-character tweet? Always wanted to discover the unified field theory. Need to make hard things crystal clear. Think people, tech and orgs are generally misunderstood.

What attracted you to your field -- and what still excites you about it? I began as an engineer writing great code that no-one cared about. I realized that I wanted to solve real problems that people cared about. You know who’s really about people? Really about narrative? Philosophy? Direction? Ambition? The marketing lead. Other people too, but this is marketing at its best.

What’s your proudest accomplishment of 2013? I did some decent writing, but perhaps more importantly I was actually able to bring clarity to an excruciatingly complex business over at OpenText and find my next adventure with Jostle.

What’s your goal, personal or professional, for 2014? I will bring Jostle to the business world, and vice versa. On the research front, to help push forward on some of the questions I raised this year at CMSWire -- what is the future of human-powered business? What is the role of technology in that? Networks? How do we ensure that pervasive technology creates a more just, prosperous, healthy and creative world (rather than its opposite)? How will we create a new generation of privacy rights and expectations in a big data world?

What's an important story you will be tracking in 2014? I think the implications of the NSA data collection story from a political, security, privacy and technology perspective is fascinating and just beginning.

What’s the one New Year resolution you always make -- and always break? Get. The. Book. Done.