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Collaboration comes up frequently in discussions of workplace productivity, but are we all on the same page on what it means? Have the tools introduced in the digital workplace aid collaboration or complicate it? What next steps do businesses need to take to move forward with collaboration? Find out tomorrow during our Future of Collaboration Tweet Jam!

The Future of Collaboration

Our February Tweet Jam will definitely be a must attend event! We will be exploring all things collaboration -- how it increases innovation, the tools that drive it and its role in employee engagement.

The Jam kicks off at 10 a.m. PST/ 1 p.m. ET / 1800 GMT on Wednesday, Feb. 19. As always, the broader CMSWire community is welcome to take part. You can join in by following the #SocBizChat hashtag, signing in to our chatroom or following Cover It Live below.

The Experts

The conversation will definitely be lively with the group of experts that will be on hand:

  • Alan Lepofsky, vice president and principal analyst, Constellation Research -- @alanlepo
  • Bilal Jaffery, director digital and social strategy at Extreme Networks -- @BilalJaffery
  • Billy Cripe, chief marketing officer at Field Nation -- @billycripe
  • Carrie Basham Young,  principal at -- @carrieyoung
  • Christian Buckley, chief evangelist at Metalogix -- @buckleyplanet
  • David Coleman, senior analyst collaboration/social practice at GigaOM Research -- @dcoleman100
  • Deb Lavoy, vice president of marketing at -- @deb_lavoy
  • Hyoun Park, principal consultant at DataHive Consulting -- @hyounpark
  • Jennifer Mason, SharePoint consultant at Rackspace Hosting -- @JenniferMason
  • Kate Kirby, director of marketing at Blue Rooster -- @bluexperience
  • Luis Suarez, charter member, Change Agents Worldwide -- @elsua
  • Rich Blank, solutions engineer with Jive Software -- @getrichieb
  • Stowe Boyd, lead researcher at GigaOM Research / researcher-at-large, -- @stoweboyd
  • Symon Garfield, Microsoft practice manager EMEA -- @symon_garfield

The Questions

The questions shaping our discussion will be:

  1. Do we have a working definition of collaboration and if so, what is it?
  2. What impact does leadership have on collaboration? Organizational structure?
  3. Where does technology fit in?
  4. Where do today's collaboration tools succeed and where do they fall short?
  5. Is collaboration always a positive thing?

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • Introduce yourself with your first #socbizchat tweet. Include your name, job title and organization you work for.
  • Subsequent tweets must start with the question number you are responding to and the #socbizchat hashtag. For example, "@bigbird Q4 Tools tied directly to business outcomes will succeed"
  • Please don't pitch products or services -- stay knowledge focused.
  • Keep the discussion professional, but informal.
  • Remember that this is a public chat -- be thoughtful.