CMSWire Social Enterprise Tweet Jam
Gear up and get ready as this month's Tweet Jam is sure to be a lively one! This time around we'll be talking about the Social Enterprise -- what makes an organization social? What new roles are emerging? Where do we go from here?

What's Next?

Social may be everywhere, for now. As with anything though, the evolution of business continues as new tools are created, new buzzwords appear and a new way of thinking emerges. Is there too much emphasis on the tools and not on other elements? Is having a social customer strategy enough to make a business social? What is the work ahead? 

Be sure to join us Thursday, June 20th at 10 am PDT/ 1 pm EDT/ 1700 GMT as we discuss the social enterprise -- how far its come, what it looks like today and what it will look like in the future.

We welcome the broader CMSWire community to participate. All experience levels are welcome to take part along with the group of experts and practitioners we've assembled. You can always join in is by following or including the #SocBizChat hashtag.

The Questions

The questions that will be asked are:

  1. What 3 key elements define the social enterprise?
  2. Is it important to distinguish between internal social practices & external marketing or customer related social or are they one & the same?
  3. What are the key challenges still blocking adoption of social in the enterprise?
  4. What role does IT play in the social enterprise?
  5. Wide vs. Narrow focus -- how should social tools be deployed and why?
  6. Do any elements of 20th century business work in the social enterprise and if so, which?
  7. What three words would you ban from the social enterprise conversation?
  8. What is your vision for the future of the social enterprise?

The Experts

This month's experts will be sure to keep the conversation flowing:

  • Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer at Dachis Group -- @dhinchcliffe
  • Tom Petrocelli, Social Enterprise Analyst -- @tompetrocelli
  • Bilal Jaffery, Director, Digital & Social at Enterasys -- @BilalJaffery
  • Colin Perez, Engagement Manager at Blue Rooster -- @bluexperience
  • Rich Wood, Director, National SharePoint Practice at Perficient -- @sharepointrich
  • Deb Lavoy, Director of Product Marketing for Social Media at OpenText -- @deb_lavoy
  • Erick Mott, Social Business Leader, Community Founder at Creatorbase --  @creatorbase
  • Carrie Young, Community Design Professional and Original Member of the Socialcast Team  -- @carrieyoung
  • Garry Rawlins, Business Architect of thinking apart -- @garryrawlins
  • David Coleman, Founder and Managing Director at Collaborative Strategies, Inc. -- @dcoleman100
  • John Newton, CTO and Chairman for Alfresco -- @johnnewton
  • Jacob Morgan, Principal and Co-founder of Chess Media Group -- @jacobm
  • Jennifer Mason, SharePoint Consultant at Rackspace Hosting -- @jennifermason
  • Kevin Conroy, President at Blue Rooster -- @seattlerooster
  • Maria Ogneva, Director of Product Marketing, Chatter Communities at Salesforce -- @themaria
  • Rich Blank, Solutions Engineer with Jive Software -- @getrichieb
  • Thierry de Baillon, Co-founder Transitive Society & The Future of Collaborative Enterprise Project -- @tdebaillon
  • Luis Suarez, Lead Social Business Enabler at IBM -- @elsua
  • Dan Latendre, CEO of Igloo Software -- @dlatendre
  • Martyn Perks, Business Consultant of thinking apart -- @martynperks
  • Scott Date, Sr. Product Manager for AEM Social Communities at Adobe -- @IScottDate 
  • David Gildeh, Director of Cloud Services for Alfresco -- @dgildeh
  • Donna Shaw, Axceler's Principal Product Manager -- @Donnasueshaw
  • Heidi Ambler, Director for Social Software at IBM -- @heidi_ambler

Participation Guidelines

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Introduce yourself with your first #socbizchat tweet. Include your name, job title and organization you work for.
  • Subsequent tweets must start with the question number you are responding to and the #socbizchat hashtag. For example, "@bigbird Q5 the social enterprise needs to just be the way we work #socbizchat"
  • Please don't pitch products or services -- stay knowledge focused.
  • Keep the discussion professional, but informal.
  • Remember that this is a public chat -- be thoughtful.

We hope to see you there!