Do Too Many Cooks Spoil the Collaboration Tweet Jam Broth

Do Too Many Cooks Spoil the Collaboration Tweet Jam Broth?

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Last week's Tweet Jam showed that interest in Enterprise Collaboration is live and well. Now if we could just agree on what it is ....

Definitions are Easy, Right?

We kicked off with what Bilal Jaffery called a trick question. It appears that the real trick was a. reaching consensus on what we mean when we say collaboration and b. a way to follow the cacophony that followed.

Once More Unto the Breach

The question that followed roused as great a response. Many brought up the differences between leadership and management and how the two are not synonymous. Digressions were made into culture and its place in collaboration, but the general consensus was that participation by everyone -- from the C-Suite down -- is required for collaboration to set roots and thrive.

The Technology Elephant in the Room

The technology side could not be ignored in this conversation. The right tools can support and make collaboration easier, but should not be the main driver. While those weighing in agreed with this basic premise, many pointed to a much different focus in most companies.

Success and Failures of Technology

Siloed systems, hard to use, bad user experience, split attention, disjointed from business processes -- participants named these as failures of current collaboration technology. The success stories were slower to come, though some noted the direct impact such tools had on their day to day work.

Learning Opportunities


Collaboration: Bane or Boon?

For the interest in the topic, the outlook from many on collaboration was not unicorns and rainbows. While many saw the potential, others saw real challenges in the implementation at work.  

The many rabbit holes this Tweet Jam lead down meant that some of the interesting side conversations generated are not included in the wrap up, but they are well worth pursuing. Thanks to one and all for participating.

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