Many times we’ve reported the personalization is the key to smarter customer engagement. Engagor is applying personalization internally with Personalized Mailboxes and Smart Folders designed to let brand managers and their teams create inboxes that fit their specific needs – whether it’s monitor an advertising campaign or dealing with customer service issues.

Smart and Social 


A well run brand campaign brings together different teams and departments, that manage different social media channels. Different platforms serve different audiences, who have different needs. And yet all that communication needs to be shared to those who need to know. Customer service wants to see all messages that require a direct response, while marketing is interested in the impact of its advertising campaigns.

With Personalized Mailboxes and Smart Folders, Engagor lets team members receive only the information they are interested in and avoid being flooded with irrelevant messages that waste time and derail focus. 

The idea of the social inbox isn’t new. Companies like Hubspot, Facebook and Engagio all provide social inbox solutions designed at connecting users with social updates and messages. Engagor, however, wants to connect the right people with the right information, making its personalized mailboxes smart as well as social.

Engagor Integrates with LinkedIn and Tumblr

Engagor also announced an integration with LinkedIn and Tumblr. Now, brands and enterprises can monitor and engage across more of their social channels. With LinkedIn, they can post directly to their Company Pages, Groups and Profiles to broadcast news, monitor industry news and respond to customers who engage via the platform. The Tumblr integration allows users to post to their Tumbler blogs and Tumblr Queue, view a stream of all their Likes, and immediately engage with fans who post on their blog.

For Engagor, a company who just made its US debut not to long ago, these new solutions and integrations speak to the demand for customer engagement and social business innovation. Customer engagement doesn’t exist in a vacuum and relies on having the right internal systems in place so that teams can effectively respond to customer inquiries while learning from customer behaviors.