customer experience: Engagor to the US

There's a new player in the United States digital marketing game. Engagor, a company that was previously based out of Belgium has expanded its offices to San Francisco.

Who are Engagor?

For Engagor, social media and marketing isn't just about listening and analyzing social conversations between customers. Companies have to project a well-rounded customer experience by not only listening, but engaging or connecting with customers in a timely fashion.

This is why Engagor, founded in 2011, is designed to be an all-in-one marketing hub with solutions for customer engagement, social media monitoring and analytics. Along with a dashboard that gives summary reports of social media mentions and performance metrics, Engagor has a variety of other features.

With Engagor users can track conversations about their business as the platform automatically notifies users of these posts with Social Media Inbox feature. From the inbox users can, among other things, see an entire conversion thread, respond to messages, assign a post to a team member to reply to and organize the inbox by tags.

It also isn't enough to just track social media posts, a company also has to be able to manage its own social accounts. With Engagor, as with many other digital marketing platforms, businesses can manage accounts for Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, and others. For customer and influencer management purposes, Engagor also has a Social CRM tool that creates profiles of social media users that often or occasionally interact, or mention the company or its products.

Analytics that can be reported on include on top conversions, key demographics, trending topics, influencers, how many times a page is shared and posts that happen to include photos or a video. For example with Twitter, these metrics can include follower growth, replies, mentions and top tweets.

Users can also see what the most popular posts are based off of a keyword search. Data can be filtered by categories like country, language, keyword, author or number of followers and viewed as either daily or weekly reports.

Engagor Social Insight

The company also has tools for scheduling posts, workflow automation, an overview of new tasks, the ability to create custom and assign pre-set user roles to team members and custom dashboards.

A Good Review Can Go a Long Way

Since its launch a few years ago, it appears that Engagor’s technology has been well received by critics. Jeremy Taylor noted that the platform was easy to use and efficient.

While monitoring tools have traditionally separated out listening for brand mentions across the wider web from conversations that happen on your Pages or via your accounts, Engagor combines the two into the same app,” he wrote.

Another reviewer, Igors Skut, felt that minus a few minor problems and a slow learning process Engagor is worth a try.

Engagor is very powerful tool with good visualization effects and easy data overview options, but it takes some time until you master it and all the benefits it is offering, but the time pays back with advanced stats for your business."

Engagor in the News

As for the company expansion news, Engagor's San Francisco office will be helmed by Steven Reading (who had previously founded Dogster, a dog themed social networking site) as the Vice President of North American Sales.

Engagor has also announced that is has received US$ 2.6 million in Series A Funding, which was led by Hummingbird Ventures and released a Team Performance Metrics feature. As the name suggests Team Performance metrics reports on activity from external and internal team members. This data includes the number of cases a person has completed, the response time for each case and the amount of replies each team member has sent over a period of time.