Engagio, a online productivity monitoring tool, has announced that they are improving their social inbox, so that users can connect to and search for content across 14 different social media platforms.

Social media a powerful engagement platform, and the content is constantly changing as users update statuses, add posts and tweet more often.

Therefore, many older posts, no matter how much engagement they see can get buried with the influx of newer material.

Following Content

Engagio realized that while there are other tools, such as as TweetDeck that allow users to follow multiple social media platforms, they could only follow individual feeds, not a specific post. So, with along email alerts (similar to Google Alerts), Engagio users are able to follow and see the history of specific, public posts through the dashboard feature or by searching a particular thread.

Social media sites that can be searched with this tool include: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Disqus, YouTube and FourSquare.

“This rounds-up our evolution from a starting point of helping users to manage their own social interactions (Inbox), to following their friends’ interactions (Dashboard), and now to searching and discovering “any” conversations by topic, keyword or person,”says William Mougayar, Engagio’s CEO & Founder.

Users can then find specific posts that might be relevant to a current project or find individuals they may want to connect to, but hadn't been find them through other searches.

In having this product available, Engagio aims to become a key place for users who are looking for “social conversations, search and discovery”.

How Does it Work?

As was mentioned, users must have access to the Engagio Dashboard or have searched a topic with the new Engagio search function. Once a topic or post is found, users have to merely hover their mouse icon over the result and a follow buttons will appear.


The post will then be placed in the user's inbox with a plus sign next to it. Any additional updates to the post will automatically be forwarded to that inbox.

To unfollow a thread, users can either perform the search, hover over the post and click unfollow instead of follow or unfollow the thread from within their inbox.


A String of Updates for Engagio

With this new engagement tool, Engagio says it has archived 30 million public comments and posts from over 6 million people through the mentioned 14 networks and 85,000 sites.

This isn't the only recent, successful update for the company. Since its introduction last year where it introduced a social messaging hub, Engagio been slowly updating what it offers customers.

More recently it also updated its user interface, which included an updated plugin for Google Chrome and Gmail. Engagio also announced the launch of a new HTML5 mobile web app for Android and iPhone devices, that has the inbox and dashboard features allowing users to remain connected on the go.