With social networks spiraling into massive virtual communities, emails are almost being circumvented by inter-network messaging via Facebook, Twitter and the others. This presents yet a new problem when it comes to information management, so this week, a platform called Engag.io sets out to offer a solution. This “Gmail-like productivity tool” aims to be your new Inbox, storing the scope of conversations into one hub for easy access and reply chains. Is this just another way of saying email or could it be even more?

Networks Collide

Engag.io, a new web tool aimed to manage online engagement, is fairly certain they’ve come up with an effective remedy to scattered conversations amongst a rising tide of communication channels. And in most respects, it seems like they’re onto something. These days, it’s not uncommon to have professional and personal info relayed via a message on Facebook or LinkedIn; to set up meetings using Twitter; or to send assets like photos and videos through these platforms. What Engag.io strives to do is compile all your notes and details into one location so you don’t have to constantly sign in and search platforms to track down a lunch time.

The company breaks down its selling points like this:

  • Social media is becoming extremely fragmented. Aggregation is the answer.
  • Commenting and Conversations are strong social signals…As an engaged user, you need full visibility into the potential relationships behind your comments and conversations.
  • Engag.io is frictionless and derives implicit data from your normal interactions, whether these interactions occur on these networks or inside your Engagio Inbox.

Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 10.04.47 AM.png

To use the program, you simply connect your  networks and commenting systems, and the forum will track and analyze everything for you. It functions across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Disqus, Foursquare, Tumblr, collecting replies and user details. Features include: an inbox with incoming and outgoing messages; shared links from conversations; top sites and contacts; a dashboard summary of “your conversation ecosystem;" search capabilities through networks; and a profile page analyzing the scope of your social identity.

Explains the company, “Engag.io gives you visibility about the people behind these conversations and reveals their social identities profile, saving you time and allowing you to connect with them.”

Next Big Thing?

The concept itself appears to be golden, however there could be kinks to work out along the way. The ability to search comments is likely one of the most unique and desirable features of the program, and as reviewed by ReadWriteWeb, learning who your greatest engagers are can also be extremely valuable information. The article adds, “Those are people you should probably engage with all the more. Or at least, if you're going to be as social as you might want to be in the social media.”

Engag.io definitely has incentives for advertisers too, as it can provide deep insight into consumer behavior with its enriched social content.

The start-up company officially launches the program this week, though it’s been giving out trial rounds to a number of interested folks who’ve uncovered its walls. The project was conceived by William Mougayar, a veteran in the tech business who “saw the need to aggregate the multiple conversations he was having across the various commenting systems, blogs and social networks.”

Again, the trend continues towards network maintenance rather than development of additional outlets.