eXo Debuts Mobile 2.2 with Redesigned Apps, iPad Retina Display Support

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Companies struggling with getting workers to adopt an intranet now have a new way to win them over. Style. eXo's new Mobile 2.2 apps have been redesigned with a high style approach, and the iPad version even takes advantage of the tablet's crisp retina display.

If social features and mobile access aren't enough to get workers to use intranets more, perhaps eXo has the right idea about making them so stylish as to be much more desirable. 

Not Just Form Over Function

The mobile version does not include the content management tools that the eXo Platform 3.5 offers. However, for collaborating on work projects, sharing documents and general office communications, eXo Cloud Workspaces has gotten a facelift with the Mobile 2.2 release.

We say good on eXo. It's not that so many social intranets can't differentiate themselves based on their design, but a refined mobile presence is a good tactic to increase user adoption. If a work tool can be easy to use and look good to boot, it's one less hurdle to overcome for workers to use it more.


All new skin for eXo Mobile 2.2 on the iPad. 

Learning Opportunities

The latest update has its origins back at the beginning of the year when eXo 3.5 first took to the cloud. Back then, 3.5 was redesigned for better readability, including new features like forums and FAQs. Now, Mobile 2.2 is live with a filter to choose which activity screen to follow. Catch up on activities from your spaces or activities from your connections, for example.

Documents are the Key

For Android users, document editing can be done even when launching those docs from another app. Documents can be accessed from various repositories in iOS or Android, and authentications have been improved to speed things along.

Other improvements include an updated activity feed that will display all of an item's "likes" at the same time, and an animation along the bottom of the screen displaying new updates. That ticker animation displays on the Android version's application menu, but for both versions, the applications menu will display user information.