IBM is sponsoring the W3C Social Business Jam, which will be held online November 8-10, and social standards will play a big role in the discussions.

The Jam is an "online conversation" among business, government and technology leaders about the current state of social business, and the future roles social technology can play in helping businesses achieve their objectives. IBM software designer David G. Robinson says:

As a developer faced with evaluating, integrating with or coding social technologies for a particular business problem, you want to make sure that the security, UI, API and persistence technologies in front of you won't become obsolete next month. Developers also must face the reality that social technologies are not installed into green field environments and need to integrate seamlessly with existing technologies and work within appropriate industry models."

Because the event is web-based, starting November 8 at 10 AM Eastern Time, it's expected to be attended by an international audience. Key findings will be summarized after the event and shared with participants.

About W3C

The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) says it expects the conversations from next week's Jam to continue in the Community and Business groups. W3C Community and Business groups are open to "Web stakeholders," which is basically anyone who uses the web.

The Community groups don't require membership and are free, whereas the Business groups are free to members and non-members must pay an annual fee based on the size of their organization. Non-member fees go up to US $10,000 for large, non-member organizations. Example groups include the Oil, Gas and Chemicals Business Group, Semantic News Community Group and the Web Education Community Group.


Topics chosen for the Jam include identity management for social, which will examine the best approaches for companies to manage employee identity information while minimizing risks and legal issues. Mobile devices in the work place and their corresponding security issues and management challenges will also be considered. And several topics will look at social technologies: Business Process Meets Social, Seamless Integration of Social and Metrics for Social Business.

Registration for the Jam is now open.