GageIn, a relative newcomer in the enterprise collaboration space, has debuted a new feature called News Portals, and it strives to make curating business content as easy as sharing a favorite landscape photo on Pinterest.

GageIn is already established at making it easy to follow relevant business content across multiple channels, and then working with that information within a business setting. But, with News Portals, all that news and social media info can be saved and tagged and then shared with teams or to LinkedIn. Additionally, because of existing GageIn integration wih Salesforce Chatter and Yammer, the Portals can be shared there as well.  

News Portals isn't as stylized as Pinterest, but the idea that peoplewill gravitate toward coworkers' and business colleagues' ideas aboutrelevant content is the main thrust of what curation is really about.

Curated Boards for Many Needs

Marketerswill likely find this new tool most useful because News Portals make itrelatively easy to share targeted info about competitors, clients andpartners. If you're already a GageIn subscriber, start building a Portalby hitting the save link on an update in your stream.


Set up and creation are easy, and the service is inexpensive, but will businesses find value with News Portals?

After the item is saved, it has to be tagged by hitting file, adding the tag and saving. 

  • When you've got enough items for your new Portal, hover over Saved in the navigation bar to view the proper tag.
  • Underthe navigation bar > Switch to Portal View In order to publish. Hit Publish, and to name the Portal, hit Change at the top of the page.

  • Add the name, save it and it's published.
  • Go to share at the top of the page to send out your curated board to your selected, secure group of teams.


Learning Opportunities


GageIn's News Portals are a visual way to highlight the most relevant info from all over the Web.

GageIn makes use of a pretty streamlined interface for News Portals, and offers several pricing levels for SMB orlarge business users. There's even a free version available, and allthat is needed is a company email and business website URL to create aprofile.

Refined BI

While curation is kind of a buzz word these days, it is a powerful wayto share information, and it's actually a pretty natural progression forGageIn. Because its main power is in content aggregation,it makes sense for GageIn to move in this direction. The notionof following content instead of people is a novel one, so creating NewsPortals, sort of distilled chunks of hyper-relevant info, and sharingthem with teams could be a useful tactic.