You all know that Yammer is one of the most widely known enterprise social networking tools and that it has been steadily adding new capabilities that offer more than the standard micro-messaging. Today, it adds some much needed social business intelligence through a new partnership with GageIn.

Tracking Your Entire Business Network

GageIn, a service that we wrote about last October is a hosted solution that enables organizations to bring together and monitor activity from across pretty much all your online networks, including the usual suspects (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook), and all the blogs, websites and other online sites you monitor for news and information relevant to your work. You can also share and collaborate using this information with your co-workers and others in your GageIn network. The key is that GageIn allows you to follow content not people.

Yammer, of course is about interacting with people within your organization. Yammer is about following people, not content. By bringing the two services together, you can share intelligence you have garnered through your monitoring via GageIn with your co-workers. This really does take Yammer collaboration to the next level.


Add Yammer to GageIn Profile

Typically, external links to information have to be manually shared in Yammer. Then you have to collaborate within Yammer and at the same time work outside the social network to do more intensive work using the information. By integrating GageIn (assuming you use the service) you can quickly share important information with the click of a button and collaborate with coworkers based on that shared information.

Sharing Important Content Between Networks

From GageIn you can post messages and share information in your Yammer activity stream such as:

  • Updates shared with other social networks you have connected to GageIn
  • Comments on updates
  • Companies and coworkers followed
  • Discussions started
  • and more


Share GageIn information to Yammer

It's important to point out that you don't have to publish everything to Yammer, and the decision on what to track in Yammer is specific to the individual, not the organization.

And if you want to do more then just view the content provided via GageIn, you do have the ability to link back into the GageIn environment and do some additional work like set parameters, follow the selected content yourself, conduct discussions, etc..

The integration between GageIn and Yammer is available today. GageIn is an interesting business intelligence monitoring platform (very similar to many of today's social media monitoring tools) and the functionality available through it is only growing with additional functionality expected in the near future.