Glip Releases Asana Integration, Tackles 'Email Overload'

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Less email, less stress, better collaboration.

Social enterprise collaboration platforms push this theme regularly. Some think email is dead. Others don't. It's a pot-stirrer in tech, no doubt.

Boca Raton, Fla.-based startup Glip is right in the thick of it, like hundreds of other social collaboration platforms. Does Glip expect companies to completely move away from email? Patrick Carmitchel, product evangelist for Glip, referred to this digital agency in a Glip promotional video that is "completely rejecting" email.

Email Reduction

"We have many more stories like this of companies from digital agencies to law offices rejecting email," Carmitchel said. "Will we ever be completely rid of it? We're not concerned about the use of email for formal communications. It simply has no part in active team collaboration. Email was never intended to be a team collaboration solution; we just worked with what we had. But now we have Glip. And as a remote worker myself, it's huge."

Glip today announced a benchmark integration with project management provider Asana that will, theoretically at least, reduce email overload. The Asana integration, coupled with earlier integration efforts with Trello, Zendesk, Dropbox, Mailchimp and others — plus Glip’s advanced search tool — help simplify management of multiple productivity applications at work while eliminating the need for email notifications, Glip officials said.

"Unlike other professional instant messengers like Slack or HipChat, integrating Asana with your Glip account means users can benefit from the complimentary productivity tools that are build right into Glip conversations -- video chat to plan and followup, interactive notes editor, integrated team calendar, image annotation and more," Carmitchel told CMSWire. "All the tools teams need to effectively manage work with Asana task activity feeding into a fully searchable team conversation that will drastically reduce email overload." 

UPDATE: Bernardo de Albergaria, vice president and general manager of Atlassian's collaboration group, which runs HipChat, responded to Carmitchel's claims after CMSWire reached out earlier today:

"In addition to HipChat's group chat rooms, searchable history, file sharing, and video calling," de Albergaria said, "one of its key success factors is its ability to integrate with many other apps like Asana, ZenDesk and of course, JIRA. 

"In fact," he continued, "HipChat offers more integrations than any other similar product. And it's deeply extensible, so customers can easily create their own custom integrations -- HipChat integrations help teams get instant updates from the tools they depend on every day."

Learning Opportunities

Slack officials declined comment when contacted by CMSWire.

Integration Breakdown

What do Glip officials say the Asana integration brings?

  • Built-­in video conferencing, shared calendars and interactive notes
  • Real­ time updates for all task activities
  • Search that allows users can locate all Asana activity in addition to all Glip content including files, events and notes


“In deciding to integrate with Asana, we wanted to offer our users the flexibility to work within their familiar task management environment while benefiting from the real ­time communication lift provided by Glip,” Peter Pezaris, Glip co­-founder and CEO, said in a statement.

Why Glip?

Glip went live Oct. 15, 2013. Pezaris, based in Boca Raton, invented social fantasy sports with commissioner.com, which was acquired by CBS Sportsline. Glip has 13 employees now.

"Glip is more than an instant messenger with professional application integrations," Carmitchel said. "What LinkedIn did for professional social networking, Glip has done for professional instant messaging. LinkedIn didn't just copy Facebook, slap 'professional' on it and call it a day. They built specific tools for people to manage their professional network and save them time. We didn't just build a secure instant messenger and integrate other apps, we included the tools teams need to get things done right inside their conversations -- video, tasks, calendar, files, notes all fully searchable and mobile."