Google looked to the enterprise this week with a couple of updates intended to make administrator's and document collaborator's lives a little easier.

Google Pimps Your Admin Console 

Google updated its admin console for Google Apps this week, adding features aimed at making administrator's lives a little easier. Possibly the most interesting addition is the ability to customize the Admin console, making the addition or subtraction of controls easy through drag and drop.

The update also includes a simpler url for access --, clearer navigation capabilities, activity reports including usage reports for individual apps, access controls on a per app, per user basis and a unified user list which includes filters to break users down by groups or roles.

These changes will be available for users in the next few weeks.


The new look of the drag and drop Google Admin Console 

Google Drive File Sharing

In a rare case of Google playing catch up with the competition, desktop users of Google Drive will soon be able to share files directly from the app by right clicking on docs in your Drive and choosing "Share." Available for PC and Mac users, the feature is promised in the next few days. Commenters have been quick to point out that Dropbox included this ability years ago, but better late than never?