harmon.ie Brings SharePoint 3.0, Social Business to Lotus Notes
Since June, when harmon.ie announced the release of harmon.ie 3.0 for SharePoint, being social at work became a lot easier for Outlook Exchange users. Now harmon.ie is bringing social business to Lotus Notes.

Notes + SharePoint Can Live in Harmon.ie

Notes users can enjoy bringing SharePoint functionality into their email environment in an effort to unite the disparate IBM and Microsoft platforms. According to Microsoft market research, 78% of the Fortune 500 companies are SharePoint users. Additionally, more than half of Fortune 100 now use Lotus Notes and Domino. Chances are if you’re using Notes, you’re also using SharePoint.

With harmon.ie 3.0 for SharePoint, Lotus Notes users can complete common SharePoint tasks through the email window where they spend most of their workday, eliminating the need to navigate into other tabs or windows to complete individual tasks. Harmon.ie’s capabilities not only allow for better document collaboration, but they boast an increased end-user SharePoint adoption within the enterprise.

Lotus Notes users can see the latest SharePoint document modifier and document ratings

Lotus Notes users can see SharePoint document modifier and document ratings

The harmon.ie people pane provides both document and people status updates

The harmon.ie people pane provides both document and people status updates

Lotus Notes users can also benefit from social elements that allow them to see who owns, opened or edited documents, as well as build a strong network of colleagues. Harmon.ie analyzes your communication patterns to make recommendations based what you do, whom you talk to and topics you’ve worked on. From a knowledge sharing perspective, harmon.ie helps connect the right people on the right projects.

Time for the Social Business Revolution Evolution

Ultimately, harmon.ie 3.0 for SharePoint is exactly the same for Outlook users as it is for Lotus Notes users. Harmon.ie works so you can continue to use exactly what you’ve been using, only now with better functionality and accessibility to SharePoint. The goal is to make SharePoint easier to use without much effort from the user. For example, harmon.ie notices when you’re sending an attachment, and gently nudges you into providing a link to the document from your SharePoint repository instead.

As much of the enterprise braces themselves for social business, it’s no surprise that many simply aren’t ready. Thanks to harmon.ie, users better understand how social functionality can make sharing documents, emailing and editing better. As users become more familiar with social elements, hopefully it will make the social business an evolution, not a revolution.