The creators of popular social media management platform HootSuite are taking another step to woo the enterprise market. The company has introduced a product, HootSuite Teams, designed to help businesses manage their social identity more effectively across multiple networks.

Team-based Social Media Management

When HootSuite was launched in 2008, most businesses were still trying to figure out how and why they should participate in social media. HootSuite was just one of many tools introduced around the time to enable users to manage their social media interactions across multiple networks. Since HootSuite was created, the tool has grown dramatically in popularity. In January, the company announced it had reached 3 million users.

Although HootSuite was originally targeted at consumers, it soon evolved to support businesses as the use of social media became more deeply ingrained in the enterprise. According to HootSuite, its corporate customers have tripled in the last year and two-thirds of the Fortune 100 use the platform. Now the company has introduced a new product, HootSuite Teams, designed to help businesses more effectively manage their social media efforts. 

HootSuite Teams allows organizations to govern content and manage access to social networks. Administrators can configure the platform with their organizational structure and assign permissions at an organization, team or social profile level to ensure only appropriate users can post messages or respond to comments. HootSuite Teams also supports review and approval workflows.


In addition to the governance features, users can

  • Assign messages for follow up
  • Save draft messages privately or for the team
  • Share search streams for consistent management
  • Add multiple social networks to a team
  • Connect team members to multiple teams
  • Report on team activity and outcomes

Hootsuite has also made an effort to ensure that migrating to HootSuite Teams is straightforward for their existing HootSuite Pro and Enterprise customers. When users update to the new platform, existing team structures and social media profile assignments are retained.

Getting Additional Details

The company created a video and a FAQ page with additional details about the new HootSuite Teams offering. The new platform is available now. Users who would prefer to take the new tool for a test drive instead of passively learning about it can request a free 30-day trial from HootSuite.

We will likely see many other social media tools originally created for the consumer market begin to incorporate enterprise features. Establishing businesses as customers ensures a more consistent revenue stream than trying to entice consumers to upgrade to paid versions of freemium offerings or relying on embedded advertising. Winners in the market will be the vendors that can keep their tools lightweight and easy to use, but sophisticated enough to support the control required by businesses.