Jive Brings Game Mechanics to Its Collaboration Offering #JW11
The JiveWorld 11 Conference brings several new tie-ups. Jive is getting together with Bunchball to add game mechanics to its offering, while Wrike will add its project management tool to Jive's store.

The Game Is On

Bunchball offers users rewards, benefits and monetization mechanics across a range of business solutions including its own Nitro Elements product. Some of that gamey-magic will soon rub off on Jive as the two are partnering to incorporate game mechanics into Jive's social business platform.

The idea is a simple one, and not worthy of a buzzword, especially one as language-mangling as "gamification." But, as gamers are well used to achieving rewards, status and kudos for doing well in virtual worlds, so workers can now expect the same rewards for collaborating, problem solving and doing other tasks via social business apps.

To encourage uptake of the business solution and its underlying tenets of help and collaboration, Nitro for Jive offers users missions to complete, giving it a game-like feel. Success adds points and badges for using and mastering elements of the package, and "level up" when they hit key milestones.

Game Over?

Will workers feel like they have really achieved something when they get one of these rewards, or will they feel like lab rats pressing the feed-me button? That remains to be seen, and depends largely on how a company innovates and deploys these tools.

Learning Opportunities

Major rewards like holidays and tangible benefits might make the most hard-bitten worker eager to rush to the top of the office's high score chart, but integrated badly -- and forced upon a user base -- could see adverse reactions and unwillingness to engage.

Nitro for Jive is due to be released on the Jive Apps Market in Q4 2011. It can be seen at the ongoing JiveWorld 11 event. 

Project Management, Too

Another announcement from Jiveworld sees Wrike integrate its project management tool with Jive’s enterprise social platform -- apparently the first PM tool to appear on the Jive Market. With Wrike, Jive customers can manage tasks, create plans and discuss tasks and project management topics

Email integration helps bring messages into the stream and can save many hours a month for managers and workers. With dashboards and widgets, any project can be closely monitored and problems dealt with.