Gamification software maker Badgeville today launched Badgeville for Jive, integrating game mechanics into the Jive Software social collaboration platform as a method to increase engagement and encourage adoption for those using the system on a daily basis.

It's not that Jive isn't so appealing to people, but by offering rewards for sharing information, for example, companies have another tool to make new workflows a bit less painful to introduce.

Rewards and Reputations

Simple psychology tells us people like to be acknowledged for the work they do. They like knowing the work they do matters. Game mechanics or gaming principles give people instant feedback and rewards for performing desired behaviors. With Badgeville's system of leader boards, levels, achievements and of course badges, Jive Software customers have an inventive way to make collaborating a bit more interesting.


Rewards for filling out a personal profile are a popular gamification technique.

Jive Integrates Box File Sharing

Jive announced a new Box file sharing feature called Box Embed. It gives access in Jive to Box features via an API. Box files can be up and downloaded from Jive, documents can sync across both systems and there is also a cross system search feature. Social collaboration always becomes much more productive with document sharing abilities, and with Box, a powerful ally is added to an already impressive Jive system.

Gartner researchers again pointed to Jive as a leader in Social Software for the Workplace in early October. Jive ecosystem and vision for social were cited as strengths.

Two of the newest social tools Jive showed off before this week were its intelligent activity streams and Jive Anywhere integration. Both of these features kicked off during the summer, and they are no doubt part of why Gartner continues to rate Jive so high.