We've put together a summary of the latest moves by the some of top social business software companies out there, so here's your chance to catch up with the newest updates from companies like Lithium, Jive, Telligent, SocialText and NewsGator.

Lithium and Jive are two of the most well-rounded systems in use today, but SocialText is a capable up-and-comer, while Telligent and NewsGator also offer some powerful features as well. It's tough to recommend one system over another without considering exactly what features are needed. However, Gartner did pick Jive and Lithium as Magic Quadrant Leaders in externally facing social software in Sept. 2011.


Lithium has attracted some huge customers with its in-demand mix of marketing, customer support and analytics software. Lithium has really focused on Facebook tie-ins, and it's working on a new system called LevelUp which it plans to release perhaps as early as July. LevelUp can help build Facebook apps, track sentiment and analyze Facebook power users for the most immersive experience. 

Jive Software

Jive is a good option for intranet solutions, and its latest update is just the thing for making that social stream a bit more wieldy. Jive has made it easier to maintain activity streams so they don't get too cluttered with off-topic noise. Jive also has a new no-click integration solution for accessing Jive within a Web app. Jive Anywhere just debuted a couple months ago, and it integrates with Salesforce, Google Docs, SAP and several others. More integrations are also forthcoming. 

Learning Opportunities


Telligent has excelled at building the kind of social software that makes modern businesses more agile and easier to interact. Of course it does some of the same things as Jive and Lithium like intranets and partner collaboration systems, but it also is working to support innovation with its new InnovationCast suite. This system is designed to help companies bring forth, nurture and implement business strategies in the social space. 


SharePoint users, this is your stop. NewsGator has helped SharePoint 2010 users integrate social dynamics in a pretty seamless way, and NewsGator Social Sites 2010 has a new feature that proves it. It's a partnership with StoredIQ, and the new system takes advantage of big data in the legal and records management space. It should help companies better manage risk and make indexing data from multiple sources a bit simpler.


SocialText released its newest version in late 2011, and now its added some new document collaboration tools to the already robust social business system. It's a partnership with NetDocuments, and the update includes cloud based document access and CMS integration of collaboration tools. It also adds improved document search features with NetDocuments' cabinet categorizing system.